Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Open for business!

We've put the finishing touches on Furnetic! Check out the progress:

This is our treatment area. The patient status board is able to be seen from throughout the room, keeping everyone apprised of our patients' needs. The crash cart (red cart on the left) is in easy reach. There are three treatment tables in this efficiently planned area, giving staff space to practice.

This is the surgery suite. There are monitors on each side of the room. Doctors can view the radiograph or the image from the camera mounted in the surgery light. The lights themselves are LEDs, so they generate far less heat and use less energy.

The pharmacy has been stocked. There is a pass through to the treatment area. It's next to the lab, with the exam rooms immediately behind. The layout will help staff quickly move to where care is needed.

This is the digital x-ray room. We have all of the protective equipment mounted on the wall for easy access.

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