Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome Kelly!

We welcome Kelly Morgan as our newest veterinarian! Kelly answered a few questions for us so that we could get to know her better.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I grew up in Glenview, IL and have always been in love with Chicago. Once I graduated from veterinary school at the University of Illinois in 2005, I immediately moved into the city. Fortunately, I am marrying a Chicago Firefighter so I will happily remain in the city for many more years. I initially practiced at a clinic in Oak Park where I quickly developed an interest in behavior medicine, and I am currently participating in a specialty training program to become board certified in that specialty. In my free time I enjoy biking, reading, walking my adorable dog, and knitting.

Tell us why you’re excited about Furnetic.
I am so excited to start working with veterinary students. I feel their experiences at Furnetic will really complement their education at the College of Vet Med, and I love their enthusiasm.

Tell us something about yourself that few others know.
I am a huge Harry Potter geek. Hermione Granger is my personal hero, not only because she is so clever and brave and loves books, but also because I sympathize with her bushy hair (especially during the humid Chicago summers)!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The crew was out in full force for Westfest this past weekend. We've got some photos of the event.

Look for the Furnetic crew at these other events:

Thursday, July 30: Open House for Veterinarians at Furnetic
Friday, July 31: Public Open House at Furnetic
Saturday, August 1: Public Open House at Furnetic
Sunday, August 2: Dog Day on the Green at Soldier Field
Friday August 7-Sunday August 9: Taylor Street Festa Italiana

Rosemary speaks to a visitor.

We had water for the four-legged visitors - wiped clean between uses- and we know they appreciated it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Exterior introduction

Check out the artwork that we have on the exterior of the clinic. It shouldn't be hard to find us!

Open for business!

We've put the finishing touches on Furnetic! Check out the progress:

This is our treatment area. The patient status board is able to be seen from throughout the room, keeping everyone apprised of our patients' needs. The crash cart (red cart on the left) is in easy reach. There are three treatment tables in this efficiently planned area, giving staff space to practice.

This is the surgery suite. There are monitors on each side of the room. Doctors can view the radiograph or the image from the camera mounted in the surgery light. The lights themselves are LEDs, so they generate far less heat and use less energy.

The pharmacy has been stocked. There is a pass through to the treatment area. It's next to the lab, with the exam rooms immediately behind. The layout will help staff quickly move to where care is needed.

This is the digital x-ray room. We have all of the protective equipment mounted on the wall for easy access.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Spinlight is our creative agency.

So what does that mean? They figure out how to reach our future clients. But there is a lot of work wrapped up in that tidy statement. They have to figure out what our future clients read, where they hang out, where and how they like to spend their free time. But in order to get these Chicagoans to actually be our future clients, Spinlight has to communicate who we are, and get them to beat a path to our door.

They've started working on this. For the Chicago Family Pet Expo, they developed a cool tag to attach to our give away - a bottle of water. This is it.

Debby Winter is our contact, and I asked her a few questions about our project:

Why are you excited about working on this project?

This is such a great project for Spinlight! There are so many things about this work that makes it a great fit. First of all, PETS! I am such an animal person. I adore my dogs and love all kinds of animals. I also have the benefit of having experienced the emergency care at the College of VetMed. Last summer my dog, Moxie, almost died from heart failure and everyone there that worked with us was exceptional. She is thriving now!

It is a great category to do marketing for, pet people want to talk pets...so there are definitely less barriers to deal with. In addition to being a great category, we are excited to be part of bringing this type of thing to Chicago. That may read like a sound bite, but we have the opportunity to do something really unique with this vet clinic. The people and expertise and vision behind this new endeavor makes it poised for doing something really different and exceptional in Chicago. And the marketing can help lead that, marketing can help define this new type of veterinary clinic for the public and for the students and staff that work there. That's exciting!

What unique opportunities do you see for this new venture?

We have the opportunity to set a new standard for veterinary clinic marketing. We are going to be talking about a new kind of care, and will do it in a new way. We have the opportunity to use all kinds of marketing and really want engage the potential customer to help us talk about this new service. Pet people are a community and we will rely on that community to help us get the word out!

Tell us something about yourself which most people don’t know.

Most people don't know that Matt (co-owner at spinlight) actually considered studying to be a vet when he was choosing his education/career path! He ended up choosing graphic design. :-) And most people don't know that at one time I had 3 dogs, 4 cats and a parrot all in my house! I do love animals, but that was a lot, even for me. Right now I am focusing on spoiling my little pomeranian, "Moxie". Even with her heart problems, she is full of energy and makes me laugh every single day. If only I could be who my dog think I am!

Anything else you'd like to share?

It truly is a pleasure working with Chris [Chris Beuoy, our Director of Communications] and the other folks that have such passion for this venture. That in itself makes it an exciting project. Leading in marketing can be a scary thing for a company. It is much for comfortable being a follower, so we are looking forward to seeing how everything plays out with this campaign!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Here are the latest images from the Center. We have begun the furniture installation in the clinic, and have some of the lighting completed as well.

Here is a shot of the reception area from the front door.

This is the treatment area. The flooring is down, and the exam lights have been installed. Note some of the overhead bins are hung.

This is our surgery suite. The cabinets above come from Herman Miller. By using these Herman Miller products, we will have increased flexibility in our set up. We will be able to change drawer sizes at will, and replacing worn or broken parts is easy.

The units in covered plastic are the medical gas panels.

This is the pack/prep room. The overhead storage has been installed by Herman Miller. The box along the back wall will support a sink. On the far left, is the opening for a pass-through into the surgery suite.

Chicagoland Family Pet Expo

Last week, we attended the Chicagoland Family Pet Expo. In Arlington Heights, this event features exhibitors for a wide variety of pet related products and services. The College of Veterinary Medicine had a booth, and personnel from Chicago and Urbana were on hand to answer questions about pet care and services we offer.

Here are a couple of photos from the day:

This is Dr. Paul, Associate Dean for Public Engagement, on hand to answer questions. Notice our banner promoting the Chicago Clinic. Spinlight, our advertising agency, designed that as a "teaser" for the clinic. Look for more content from them in the coming weeks!

Dr. Rosie LoGiudice, Director of the Chicago Center, was also on hand to promote the new clinic and answer questions.